La Paponie

Lodging to rent in Dordogne

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Régis Delbru   E-mail
La Paponie
24370 Calviac en Périgord

06 98 00 78 17


Renting prices

Prices 2014
Season Grande Paponie
Maison de Maitre
15 people
Haute Paponie
5 people
La Paponie
20 people
Very High Season
19/07 au 23/08
1800 € 700 € 2200 €
High Saison
28/06 au 19/07
1400 € 550 € 1800 €
Middle Saison
27/03 au 28/06
23/08 au 02/10
Vacances Scolaires
1050 € 450 € 1300 €
Low Season
750 € 350 € 950 €
450 € 150 € 500 €
Deposit 600 € 400 € 1000 €
Cleaning 200 € 60 € 250 €
Ordering 200 € 60 € 250 €

  • Cleaning and ordering not put back in initial state will be charged;
  • Plus expenses not included: heating, phone and gaz;
  • Household linen (sheets, pillows, towels, rubber gloves): 10 € per person.

Conditions of renting

The electricity and water charges are included in the lease. Overconsumption of gas and firewood will be charged. The lease does not cover the oil for the central heating (applicable only for the « Grande Paponie »). Premises not returned in its initial condition will result in an indemnity.
The renting includes the provision of bedsheets and towels. If the tenant brings its own bedsheets and towels, the tenant must fold and store the bedsheets and towels of the leased premise and put them back in place on departure. In this case, a refund can be requested.
The tenant faithfully agrees to inform the landlord of any damage to the premise and furniture, and to put back the premise in its initial condition of cleanness and ordering (a list is displayed about the contents of each cupboard).

The tenant faithfully agrees to pay to the landlord the balance due for the accomodation and the deposit as of its arrival and in any case before accessing the leased premises. The tenant must perform an inventory of the leased premise and of its furniture on arrival. Any loss or damage to the leased premises and furniture caused by the tenant will result in an indemnity. The deposit is given back to the tenant only after control and evaluation of the possible damage.
It is the responsability of the tenant to verify that all the occupants are covered by an holiday insurance policy (generally included in your personal or domestic insurance policy).
The landlord is bound towards the tenant only when he has received the signed contract within seven days together with the first payment which corresponds to 25 % of the whole amount.

Contract of renting

Download the contract of renting